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What color Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 should you buy?

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Are you debating what color Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 you should buy? Fret no more for we are here to save the day. This guide can help you decide which color to go for. We have also rounded up all the shades for your eyes to feast on right here.

Take a look at all the available colors of the Galaxy Watch 7 before jumping into the nitty gritty of decision-making. Compare and contrast the finer details of the Watch 7's color variants listed below.

The Galaxy Watch 7 only comes in these three colors

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 in Green

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 in Green

Army green

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 in Green has a warm gray undertone. It almost looks like the Titanium Gray option of the Galaxy Watch Ultra had a baby with the Mint green Galaxy Z Flip 6. Whatever the case, the olive hues are very svelte.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 in Cream

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 in Cream

Enter high society

Gone are the days of plain white devices. Cream is all the rage, and we can see why. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 in Cream gives off high-end vibes, reminding us of mansions and estates. It'll look very classy on anyone's wrist.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 in Silver

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 in Silver

Easy on the eyes

Not looking to go bold with the Green? Cream too bougie for your tastes? Silver is the easiest answer to your plight. There's no going wrong with such a versatile shade of the Galaxy Watch 7.

There's one key factor to consider when buying the Galaxy Watch 7

Samsung offers three shades of the Galaxy Watch 7, but it's crucial to know that not all colors are available for all of the Android smartwatch's case sizes. The smaller 40mm Galaxy Watch 7 only comes in Green and Cream. Meanwhile, the larger 44mm Galaxy Watch 7 is available to buy in Green and Silver.

As you might have noticed, Green is a staple among both sizes of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7. Based on this, it's safe to assume that Samsung expects this to be a popular color. We can see why, because the olive green case along with the dark army green band is a handsome look on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7.

If you want lighter shades, you're forced to choose either Cream or Silver, depending on the watch size that matches your wrist. Feeling unhappy about the limited colorways of the Galaxy Watch 7? You could always consider getting the beefier Galaxy Watch Ultra instead.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra is available in three hues as well, but the selection is more generic. This isn't a bad thing. Dramatic colors make it harder to match bands and even more difficult to coordinate outfits. If you're curious, you can always check out all the colors of the Galaxy Watch Ultra.

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