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Ubuntu Touch OTA-2 Rolls Out with Support for Fairphone 3, F(x)tec Pro1 X

11 months ago 286

The UBports Foundation announced today the release and general availability of the OTA-2 software update for their Ubuntu Touch mobile operating system based on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (Focal Fossa).

Arriving exactly four months after the first OTA update, Ubuntu Touch OTA-2 is here with support for new devices, including Fairphone 3, F(x)tec Pro1 X, and Vollaphone X23 smartphones.

This second Ubuntu Touch update based on the Focal Fossa series also brings various improvements to the System Settings app, including a more consistent layout for several pages, the ability to delete custom wallpapers, as well as a new option in Gestures to adjust the sensitivity of edge gestures for Lomiri.

“If you install a case or a bumper on your device, you can now increase the width of the edge area so that it’s easier for you. Or maybe you find it too sensitive, now you also can reduce it,” said the devs. Currently only visible though on a device that supports double tap to wake.

On top of that, OTA-2 brings the ability to take a photo using the physical camera button and makes the opening of files more smoothly when requesting a file from the File Manager app over Content Hub.

Numerous bugs were addressed in Ubuntu Touch OTA-2 to restore the ability to reset APN settings to their default values, improve the reliability of enabling the Hotspot on Volla Phone devices, and improve the reliability of the Bluetooth functionality after a reboot.

Moreover, OTA-2 makes it possible to re-install pre-installed apps in case you accidentally remove some of them, restores the ability to have a combined APN to fix MMS sending with certain carriers that require manual APN input, fixes video playback for some Mediatek-based devices, and fixes the ability to choose a custom alarm sound.

Other than that, Ubuntu Touch OTA-2 now always shows certificate errors in the Morph web browser within the session, brings back the ability for Click apps to play media shipped with them, removes the dummy XWayland splash screen when launching an X app, makes the SIM unlock screen more reliable, and improves the Charger mode to no longer bootloop on certain devices.

Under the hood, this release comes with various updated components, including QtWebEngine 5.15.14, which fixes the ability to seek in a video file. For more details on the changes included, check out the release announcement page.

The Ubuntu Touch OTA-2 software update is rolling out now to all supported devices, including Fairphone 3, Fairphone 4, Google Pixel 3a/3a XL, Oneplus 5/5T, OnePlus 6/6T, Sony Xperia X (F5121 and F5122), Vollaphone, Vollaphone 22, Vollaphone X23, Vollaphone X, Xiaomi Mi A2, Xiaomi Poco M3, and Xiaomi Redmi Note 7/7 Pro.

PinePhone and PinePhone Pro devices are also supported but they are updated independently of the supported devices mentioned above. You can update your device by going to System Settings > Updates.

Image credits: UBports Foundation (edited by Marius Nestor)

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