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Threads is finally rolling out real-time search results for some users

1 month ago 15

Threads search results

Threads, Meta’s microblogging platform, has come a long way since its launch almost a year ago. However, Threads still lacks some important features – such as an option to show real-time search results. After Meta said it had no plans to make this a reality, the company is finally letting some Threads users see recent search results.

Real-time search results coming to Threads

The news was confirmed by Instagram head Adam Mosseri after a group of users noticed a new button to sort search results by the most recent instead of suggested ones. “We’re starting to test this with a small number of people so it’s easier to find relevant search results in real time. Curious to hear your feedback,” Mosseri said in a post on Threads.

When users search for something in Threads, they will see two buttons: Top and Recent. While Top will show posts suggested by the algorithm, Recent will show all the posts that match that search in the order they were posted. This should make it easier for users to interact with others during live events, for example.

For some reason, Mosseri said last year that the company had no plans to introduce chronological search to Threads as it would “would create a substantial safety loophole.” In January, an update to Threads briefly made the option of showing the most recent search results first available to users. Meta later removed the feature and said it had been “accidentally made available.”

Unfortunately, it seems that only a few users have been given access to the new option for now, but at least we now have confirmation that Meta has plans to make it available to everyone in the future.

Sport scores and more

Thread will now show sports scores starting with NBA games

More recently, Threads has introduced sports scores into its search. The feature only works with NBA matches, but the company said that Threads will show scores for more leagues in the future. Threads also added an option to let users limit political content in their timeline.

You can download the Threads app for free on the App Store. Make sure you have the latest version of the app installed to get access to the new features.

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