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Tested: New Baseus detachable power strip makes travel less of a hassle with an integrated USB-C wall charger

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Here at 9to5Toys, many of our readers as well as our writers are huge fans of innovative charging solutions. This ranges from Anker’s powerful 167.5W car charger to UGREEN’s new 2-in-1 MagSafe charging station, among a bunch of others. That’s why the recently-released Baseus detachable power strip caught my attention. I typically take an overnight trip around once a month and it’s always a bit cumbersome to pull together all of my charging gear. I thought that one of latest releases from Baseus could help alleviate this, and it turns out that my suspicions were correct. Keep on reading to get my hands-on impressions as part of the latest entry to the Tested with 9to5Toys series.

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Hands-on with the new Baseus detachable power strip

First to hit the scene was a 67W variant of the new Baseus detachable power strip, but shortly thereafter an almost identical model arrived, but with a 100W charging capacity. I personally have been using the 67W, but it’s good to know that a more powerful solution is out there waiting should my needs change. Both come in a black colorway, and looks great, but part of me wishes it was also available in white. The 67W and 100W iterations of the new Baseus detachable power strip are priced at $59.99 and $79.99, respectively. That being said, there are currently on-page coupons that bring those prices down to $41.99 and $63.99.

Take a closer look at the specs:

  • Detachable modular design is aim to provide a versatile and portable power solution for travelers, you can use this charging station in 3 different ways: a 4-Port USB C wall charger, a 5ft extension cord with 2 outlets, or a 5 in 1 travel power strip. It’s compact & lightweight that you can carry it anywhere in your bag!
  • USB C fast charger power up your MacBook Pro 14″ to 42% and an iPhone 15 to 50% in just 30 minutes with an impressive 67W power output. Also supports Programmable Power Supply (PPS) for compatibility with Samsung Super Fast Charging 2.0.
  • Houses 3 USB-C ports, 1 USB-A port, 1 AC outlet and 5ft detachable extension cord, powering up 5 devices simultaneously to save your precious time on charging.

9to5Toys’ Take

If you’ve read any of my reviews in the past, you know that I always like to call out the unboxing experience. These days the competition is better than it has ever been, and the packaging used for the Baseus detachable power strip was bright, colorful, and quite premium overall given that it is just power strip. As I opened the box up and took everything out, I was pleased to see everything had a layer of protection to prevent scratches and keep everything in pristine condition. Overall, I found the unboxing experience for Baseus to be on par with what you can expect from a brand like Anker, and better than average when compared to power strips from lesser-known brands.

Once I got the new Baseus detachable power strip in my hands, I was anxious to swap out a basic TROND-branded power strip that had served my nightstand well up to this point. While it had a few USB-A ports on it, I needed to use a wall charger to add a Type-C port for some of the devices I keep in my nightstand. This lead to more clutter than I would prefer, so I knew that Baseus was going to bail me out here, and the photo below shows just how much of a difference in size there actually was.

So now it’s time to dive into the setup process. For starters, when functioning as a power strip you have a 5-foot cord that I personally found sufficient to reach the nearest outlet. In terms of connectivity, there’s one AC outlet (well, technically two, more on that later), one USB-A, and three Type-C ports. All three Type-C ports can crank out up to 67W of power when used individually, meaning I didn’t have to remember which port to pick in order to get the fastest charging speeds. The USB-A port tops out at a measely 5W, unfortunately.

When I mentioned that the new Baseus detachable power strip had two AC ports above, only one is accessible when you have the detachable wall charger with all the USB ports plugged in. When you unplug that, a 2-prong AC plug becomes available for use. I haven’t felt the need to use that at all, however. In fact, I only need USB-A and Type-C power options in my nightstand and this gives me everything I need and more.

While I haven’t traveled with this quite yet, I have tested the standalone wall charger and it easily covers all of my needs. I know some may need the added power offered by the 100W model, but I do not. I’m glad that the more powerful model exists, but 67W is plenty for me and given the lower price point, it’s nice to have an option that costs less made available to everyone. It’s also worth mentioning that the build quality seems quite high here, with the weight of whole unit or each part individually having an appropriate amount of heft to them, ensuring nothing here feels like it was cheaply made.

I look forward to continue using this in the months (and years) ahead since I can simply detach the wall charger from the matching power strip, throw it in my bag, and know I’ll have a similar charging experience when on the go. With three Type-C ports I’ve got all the power necessary to top off a smartphone, portable game console, laptop, and more. Plus, it pairs quite nicely with the UGREEN 2-in-1 MagSafe charging station that I reviewed a couple weeks ago.

Buy the Baseus Detachable Power Strip

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