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Samsung wavers on Galaxy Z Fold 6 Ultra launch amid Slim rumors

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Samsung seems unsure about releasing the Galaxy Z Fold 6 Ultra. While the product has been in development for a while now, the company has yet to decide whether to proceed with its mass production and market launch. Perhaps it canceled plans for a separate Ultra foldable and merged it with the Galaxy Z Fold 6 Slim.

Samsung may have canceled the Galaxy Z Fold 6 Ultra

Over the past few months, the rumor mill has churned out reports about four different upcoming Fold-series Samsung foldables. Alongside the regular Galaxy Z Fold 6, there have been talks about a Fold 6 FE, a Fold 6 Slim, and a Fold 6 Ultra. Reports about the Slim variant are still circulating, while we haven’t heard much about the FE and Ultra lately.

Earlier today, reliable industry insider Roland Quandt published a report saying Samsung may have canceled the Galaxy Z Fold 6 Ultra. According to Quandt, the company developed the Ultra as its answer to those slim Chinese foldables—the device was said to lack S Pen support and come in a thinner and wider profile than the regular Fold 6. It planned to release the device in China and its home country South Korea.

However, the Korean biggie is now unsure whether the Ultra is the perfect answer to Honor’s upcoming Magic V3 and other slim foldables. Since Chinese foldables aren’t available as widely as Galaxy foldables, Samsung likely sees no point in making a special device for one or two markets. The regular Fold 6 should find enough buyers in Korea, while Galaxy devices are already a tough sell in China.

Maybe the Slim version is the same as the Ultra

As much as the cancelation of Samsung’s Ultra foldable sounds logical, the report may not be entirely accurate. Remember the Galaxy Z Fold 6 Slim? It is also said to lack the S Pen digitizer for a thinner build. Moreover, rumors say Samsung will make it wider to fit bigger screens and more powerful internals in a slim profile. The Slim version is also planned for a China and/or Korea-only release.

All of this suggests the Slim and Ultra are the same device, something industry insider Ross Young hinted at in the past. Long story short, Samsung has a special, thin foldable in the pipeline. It may arrive later this year to take on the likes of the Honor Magic V3 in China. We may hear more about it in the coming months. Time will tell whether it will arrive as the Ultra or Slim. Or maybe Samsung will end up canceling it eventually.

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