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Samsung's 'Skin Temperature API' gives the Galaxy Watch more potential

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 health sensors on window ledge
(Image credit: Andrew Myrick / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Samsung is preparing to roll out its Skin Temperature API to developers "soon."
  • The API lays the ins and outs of its Galaxy Watch 6 and 5 temperature sensors bare for developers to create new ways of gauging a person's health.
  • Developers can potentially use the sensors to conduct "real-world temperature analysis," a possible pair for the Watch 6 series' Thermo Check.

Samsung is gearing up to launch an SDK to help developers further advance apps and health information with a new API.

As noted by 9to5Google, the Skin Temperature API apparently contains all of the information about the temperature sensors present on the new Galaxy Watch 6 and the Watch 5 series. With the API rolling out "soon," developers can add these new sensors to their apps for various purposes, essentially unlocking the functionality for a bevy of uses.

While it may seem like the possibilities for the sensor's usage are unlimited, Samsung hasn't explicitly stated how far developers will be able to push its tech. A lot of testing will most likely take place before we begin to see apps centered around Samsung's temperature sensor technology.

This Skin Temperature API is wrapped up in Samsung's Privileged Health SDK, which it spoke about a week before Unpacked. It seems by design that developers use the API alongside the Galaxy Watch's "Thermo Check" feature. The infrared technology lets users read the temperature of a drink they're about to consume, food, or even a pool's water before diving in without requiring physical contact.

Additionally, Samsung's API will let developers apply its temperature sensor information to "real-world temperature analysis." Another instance where the API and its Thermo Check may work hand-in-hand.

One UI 5 Watch is also said to be a driving force behind much of the utilization users will have for Thermo Check and, presumably, developers looking to dig into the API.

Lastly, much like Thermo Check, it looks like many new temperature sensor features might arrive on the Galaxy Watch 6 before trickling down to the Watch 5 series.

Aside from its infrared capabilities, the Galaxy Watch 6 contains a barometer, gyro, and geomagnetic sensors. Furthermore, the wearable has received upgrades to its heart rate sensor, enabling the Watch 6 series to alert users if it detects an irregular heart rhythm.

Official product renders of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6

The Galaxy Watch 6 has arrived with a faster processor and a larger screen encroaching on its circular edge. With upgraded wellness sensors, capturing data while you sleep and work out, users can try and stay on top of their health. The Watch 6 is the perfect buddy to have on your wrist if you're grabbing the latest Samsung phone, too.

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