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Samsung is nearing mass production of its first-gen Galaxy Ring

9 months ago 174

Samsung‘s Galaxy Ring could enter mass production as early as next month. The Korean firm is reportedly nearing the final development stage of the tiny fitness-tracking wearable device and is expected to decide the mass production schedule in August. If things go according to the plan, Samsung may push the smart ring into production in August itself, the Korean media reports. A market release may not happen before 2024, though.

Samsung has been working on a smart ring for quite some time. The device, which can be worn on your fingers like a regular ring, will come equipped with various sensors to measure health data, including a temperature sensor, heart rate sensor, PPG (Photoplethysmography) sensor, and an ECG (Electrocardiogram) sensor. The plan is to make a comprehensive yet unintrusive mobile health and fitness tracker that offers better accuracy than wrist-worn smartwatches.

However, a smart ring is a complex device to make. Samsung has been taking its time to ensure that the first-gen Galaxy Ring is up to the mark. A couple of weeks back, the Korean publication The Elec reported that the device had entered the development stage. The same source is now reporting that the company has begun talks with its suppliers to develop the necessary parts. Once finalized, Samsung’s mobile business head TM Roh will review the parts development process next month.

The final production schedule will be determined after Roh completes the review of these development processes. Only time will tell whether the Galaxy Ring enters mass production in August. Its market release may take another year, though. Samsung will be required to obtain medical approvals for the product before selling it. This process can reportedly take 10 to 12 months. So the first-gen Galaxy Ring may not arrive until mid-2024 at the earliest.

Samsung is also exploring a Galaxy Ring for XR devices

Samsung may have yet to launch a smart ring, but the company seemingly has big plans for the industry. According to the new report, the Korean behemoth is already exploring a Galaxy Ring for XR (mixed reality) devices. It has already filed patents for related technologies.

The XR industry is expected to boom in the coming years. Apple recently launched its Vision Pro XR headset in anticipation of this impending boom. The device is scheduled to hit the market in early 2024. Samsung might be looking to grab this opportunity early with a smart ring that can work with such products. You can expect to hear more about Samsung’s Galaxy Ring efforts in the coming months.

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