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Revolutionize development with MacStadium’s beautiful Apple-based platforms ($999 special offer)

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When it comes to digital innovation, design and functionality should be developed together from the start. MacStadium has fused aesthetics with utility, integrating Apple’s signature design ethos with the robust functionality of modern data centers.

Data centers are typically viewed as purely functional infrastructures, filled with rows of generic, soulless hardware. MacStadium challenged this notion when it adapted it to Apple’s famously beautiful – and most importantly, consumer-grade – Macs. Why does how a data center looks matter?

Every iOS app you’ve ever used starts its life on genuine Apple hardware. That’s why MacStadium is a requisite for developers aiming to deliver seamless and intuitive app experiences.

Global collaboration made simple

Imagine a single developer at a desk, meticulously coding the next big iOS app. Now scale that picture to a global team of dozens—sometimes hundreds—of developers spread across various continents. Companies like Delta, Capital One, and AppDynamics, part of Cisco, have navigated this complexity with MacStadium’s cloud solutions. MacStadium offers enterprise-grade cloud-hosted macOS in every model. This is key when your development team needs the newest Apple hardware for building and testing alongside the older Intel Macs for compatibility maintenance and testing.

Keeping up with Apple innovations

As Apple continues to advance its hardware, developers must keep pace not only to build on the latest technology. Simultaneously, developers must ensure compatibility with older systems. MacStadium provides access to every model of Mac hardware, enabling developers to test their applications across different systems and user scenarios effectively.

MacStadium also offers a purpose-built, Mac-specific software called Orka to enhance your cloud-hosted Macs by adding virtualization and remote desktop features. Orka allows you to create a true Mac DevOps experience in your Mac cloud.

9to5Mac + MacStadium $999 Special Offer

In partnership with 9to5Mac, MacStadium is offering a special promotion: get started with MacStadium services for just $999. This exclusive offer is designed to help more teams experience the power of dedicated Mac development environments without the usual overhead. Sign up for this special offer today.

At MacStadium, they don’t just host Mac servers—they provide a platform where aesthetics meet utility, enabling developers to create amazing apps in an environment that reflects the quality and design of the products they’re developing. Join MacStadium today, and be part of the revolution in data center design and functionality.

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