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LEGO slated to release 1,300-piece Dune Ornithopter set in November with 4+ minifigures

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In what can really only be described as some fun, yet completely unexpected Friday LEGO news, 9to5Toys today can now report that the year will culminate in a set no one saw coming. Bringing one of the most iconic vehicles in all of science fiction into your collection, the Dune Ornithopter will be getting the LEGO treatment in November as a new 1,300-piece creation.

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LEGO set to release new Dune Ornithopter set this fall

Before I so much as talk about the details here, I really, really, really feel the need to emphasis the fact that today’s news is just a rumor at this stage. We can corroborate the folks over at PromoBricks with a source of our own, but you know how something like this can go. Until we get an actual leak of the set, or the LEGO Group gives us a full reveal, it’s best to just keep expectations in check.

The Ornithopter as seen in Dune (2021)

Now that I have that warning out of the way, it really does look like the LEGO Group might be taking an entirely new step forward with its most unique set of the year. We never thought that Dune would be getting the brick-built treatment, and yet here we are. Arriving as set number 10327, the new Dune Ornithopter will be the latest creation to join the LEGO Icons lineup.

It’ll stack up to 1,369 pieces, delivering a fairly detailed model that brings the signature dragonfly-like appearance of the ship into the blocky medium. As of now, 9to5Toys can report that it does not seem like a display stand will be included in the box, but a Dune plaque is more than likely. We’ll keep you updated on if this changes closer to release.

Alongside the main vehicle itself, the set is also going to include some Dune characters. There is going to be four in total, though the folks at PromoBricks are saying there could also be as many as five. Paul Atreides is all but confirmed at this point, giving Timothée Chalamet his first LEGO debut. But the Ornithopter should also include some other staples from the world of Dune, like Lady Jessica, Duke Leto Atreides, and possibly Chani.

One thing to note about the LEGO Dune Ornithopter’s release is that the set number 10327 leads us to believe that the model was originally slated to release in 2024. But our current intel does indicate that it will be seeing a November launch. There’s no telling if this will be a first of the month spectical like most other LEGO launches, or if the company will be saving this unique addition to its lineup for the fanfare of Black Friday. Pricing is set for 164.99 Euros, which should mean that this ends up landing stateside anywhere from $150 to $200 when it does hit store shelves.

A LEGO model by builder Simon Liu

As for how it could stack up, one builder has already given us a pretty good idea of what to expect from an official LEGO Dune Ornithopter. Over on Flickr, creator Simon Liu has delivered an incredible recreation of the sci-fi ship.

9to5Toys’ Take

The first rule we follow on covering LEGO news is that the company can, and will do whatever it wants. Today’s news really is the perfect embodiment of that. Never in a million years would I think that we’d get a LEGO Dune Onithopter set, but here we are. Whether it does come out in 2023 or gets delayed a bit until next year, this is going to be one of the coolest creations of all-time. That is, unless the LEGO Group completely fumbles the bag. And hey, after getting a look at that new buildable Chewbacca coming out, anything really is possible there.

But as absurd as the news is, we’ve been here before. There were so many naysayers when we first broke the news that the LEGO Group would be collaborating with Sony to release a set theme around Horizon Forbidden West, with much of the same reaction from last year’s Transformers model.

After all, what is that quote from Dune? Dreams make good stories, but everything important happens when the LEGO Group gets a little crazy with its collaborations. Maybe I am misremembering there. But regardless, we’ve seen unbelievable things from the company before and the popularity of the movie means that builders could only be a few short months away from assembling their own Dune Ornithopter.

Will you be traveling to Arrakis to score the Ornithopter?

— TidBricks (@TidBricks) July 28, 2023

Lead image credit: Simon Liu on Flickr

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