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Grab the 256GB Galaxy Z Flip 6 for $1,100 and get a $200 gift card

1 week ago 9

Samsung just announced the new Galaxy Z Flip 6 this morning and Amazon is offering a killer deal on this new phone right now. If you pre-order the device, you can pick it up for $1,100 and get a $200 gift card. Here’s how the deal works. You’re getting the phone for $900 instead of the normal price of $1,100 for the 256GB model. On top of this, Amazon is bundling the $200 gift card with it to be spent on whatever you want.

So you’re spending the same amount you would if you were just buying the phone at full price. But you’re getting the gift card for free. It’s not a bad deal if you ask us. This is also a limited-time deal. So you’ll have to be quick about it if you want to take Amazon up on its offer. Specifically, Amazon is only offering this deal until July 23. So that’s how long you have to pre-order and save. The reason for this is that this is strictly a pre-order deal, and the phone officially launches on July 24.

The Galaxy Z Flip 6 is packed with Samsung’s latest tech and features, including Galaxy AI. It also comes with a larger cover display compared to last year’s phone, a translator app with support for up to 16 different languages, and a whole lot more. Even more impressive is that Samsung was able to make the folding display, more resilient and flatter. So you see less of that crease on the screen that’s been more prominent on past models.

Additionally, the Galaxy Z Flip 6 is fairly compact as well. So it’s small when you don’t need the full display, and you can extend the usable screen space by flipping it open when you need more room for apps. Alternatively, you can pick this phone up through Samsung directly and get some pretty good trade-in offers to save tons of money.

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