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Google Assistant speech recognition feature heads to Google Maps

10 months ago 235

The most recent update to Google Maps brings Assistant speech recognition features to users. With this, those seeking directions can tell the app where they want to go, and it’d offer them route suggestions to take. Yes, you read that right, you can now tell the Google Maps app where you want to go and get directions.

Well, over the past few years, this navigation app has offered users some speech functions. However, this speech function is not up to par with the available technology and using it is stressful for most users. This calls for a change, one that will make speech functions on the Google Maps app more effortless and useful.

Google is now integrating their voice assistant into the Maps app for seamless usage. For some reason, this feature has been missing from Google Maps over the past few years. Now, users can tell the Maps app where they intend to go and get directions to their desired destination.

Google Maps gets better with the Assistant speech recognition feature integration

The recent upgrade to the Google Maps app brings assistant features and voice recognition. With this, users can talk to the app and get sound and accurate feedback for their requests. Considering that Maps is a navigation app, all conversations should be related to getting directions.

You don’t need to install any new Maps app update before you can start using this feature. Sitting on the search bar is a mic icon with which users can access the voice command features. Tapping on this mic icon will pull up an interface where users will set up this feature and grant the Maps app access to use the device’s mic.

Once it is set up, users can start telling the Maps app where exactly they wish to go. As the user speaks, they can watch their words turn into text on the screen and spot any mistakes. This feature will come in handy for drivers in need of directions, so they don’t need to pull over and type in their destination before they get directions.

Now, with the tap of the mic icon on the search bar, users can tell the Maps app exactly where they want to go. Millions of Google Maps users around the world will put this Assistant speech feature to use while seeking directions. Head over to the Google Maps app on your phone to experience this new feature for yourself.

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