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Florida abruptly ends support for digital driver’s licenses on iPhone and Android

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The years-long process of replacing physical driver’s licenses and ID cards with iPhone and Android has moved at the painfully slow speed of government. The number of states that support Apple’s digital ID feature in the Wallet app remains in the single digits.

Some states have issued digital ID cards through dedicated apps instead. However, one state on that list has abruptly fallen off for now.

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles has notified digital ID holders that the state is in the process of finding a new vendor to support the program. The FLHSMV has informed users to delete their digital ID apps and revert to only using physical ID cards until a new (cheaper?) vendor is selected. The following communication was shared with 9to5Mac:

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles is working to enhance services to its customers. The agency will be revising the Florida Smart ID application. Once a new vendor is selected, improvements will be made to the Florida Smart ID application.

At this time, FLHSMV is removing the current Florida Smart ID application from app stores. If you have downloaded the app, please delete it from your device, as it will no longer be functional. Please note, your data remains secure with the Department.

We expect the new app to be developed by early 2025 and will notify you by email at that time.

9to5Mac’s Take

Abruptly ending the digital ID program without maintaining support during the transition between vendors is a move that stinks. Digital ID adoption is already unnecessarily complicated and under supported. Adding this roadblock to the mix only adds to the confusion.

Of course, the real shame is that the most straightforward solution for supporting iPhone users is adopting Apple’s secure digital ID feature in Wallet. This eliminates the need to contract out and support a dedicated app. There’s even a Google equivalent feature for Android.

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