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File comparison app Kaleidoscope updated with deeper Git Repositories integration

1 week ago 11

Kaleidoscope 5

Kaleidoscope is a popular and powerful Mac app for users who constantly need to compare the differences between files and folders. The developers behind the app released Kaleidoscope 5 on Tuesday, which brings an important improvement to the app: integration with Git Repositories.

What’s new with Kaleidoscope 5

Kaleidoscope 5 now shows Git Repositories for all files inside a git working directory that you previously worked with in the app. With the update, users can compare branches, tags, or commits of their projects right from the app. There are presets available for more common comparisons, so that developers can better understand code changes.

“Git has undoubtedly become the de facto standard in version control” said Christopher Atlan, CEO of Leitmotif. “Integrating Kaleidoscope more deeply with Git enhances the efficiency and precision of managing changes across multiple contributors. This integration is pivotal for streamlined workflows.”

Kaleidoscope is also introducing a new Referral Program to motivate users to invite their friends to try the app. With the new program, Kaleidoscope 5 users can get discounts of up to $30 on their annual subscription payment when a friend subscribes to the app. Likewise, invited friends get a $10 discount on their annual subscription.

Here’s the list with all the new features coming with the update:

  • Git Repositories are a prominent new part of Kaleidoscope.
  • Open common Git comparisons like Working Copy Changes or Recent Changes with a double click.
  • Compare any branches, tags, or commits from within Kaleidoscope.
  • Reopen recently used git comparisons opened from other apps and git command line tools.
  • Open the history of a file from a changeset.
  • Show the entire changeset for a File History commit.
  • Open a changeset for any commit, from virtual any app on your Mac, using either the new Open Changeset in Kaleidoscope service, or by using Kaleidoscope Prism from the menubar.
  • Kaleidoscope Referral Program, offering up to 30% of recurring discounts.

A subscription to Kaleidoscope 5 costs $14 per month or $96 per year (with a discount). There’s also a subscription for Teams, while users of older versions of the app can upgrade for just $4 a month during the first year. More details can be found here.

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