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Dark mode will be standard on Twitter

11 months ago 190

If it’s one thing that app users adore it’s applying dark mode to their apps. Having a dark gray or completely black background with white text seems to be the optimal way to use apps. Well, it seems that Twitter is making its dark mode standard, according to Android Police.

Twitter, or should we call it X (no, we shouldn’t), is in a bit of a bad place right now. In a mad dash to make Twitter Blue a more appealing option for social media goers, Elon brought a ton of questionable and unwelcome changes to the platform. These unwelcome and unexpected changes seem to be ramping up as Threads is now a thing.

Twitter will make dark mode a standard setting

Recently, Twitter announced that it was completely dropping its light mode. In a short and sweet tweet, Elon stated that dark mode is better than light mode in every way. However, the tweet faced some backlash, which surprised no one. So, that change was killed off.

That doesn’t mean that there won’t be a change, however. In fact, there will be two changes. First off, while light mode isn’t going anywhere, dark mode will be enabled by default. You can change it to light mode whenever you want.

Secondly, while light mode isn’t going away, dim mode is. Dim mode darkens the background of the UI, but it’s not as dark as dark mode. Instead of turning the background completely black, dim mode turns it a dark blue color.  Well, folks who like that theme will be disappointed, as it’s going away.

This makes the latest in a long line of odd changes that Twitter is bringing. At this point, there’s no telling what odd change Twitter’s going to implement next. No other social media platform brings changes at such an impulsive rate.

During the first couple of months of Elon’s ownership, it felt like he was just feeling out owning a social media site. So, we expected some whacky behavior. However, it’s been more than half a year since Musk’s reign, and it’s clear that this situation is not going to get better. All we can do now is wait for the next Twitter alternative to sprout.

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