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Apple debuts public beta 3 for iOS 17.6, iPadOS 17.6, macOS 14.6, and more

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iOS 17.6

One day following the arrival of its third developer betas for iOS 17.6 and its companion updates, Apple has now released public beta 3 as well. You can download it via the Software Update section on your device.

Apple’s public beta program is a chance for users without a developer account to preview the latest features coming soon to iPhone, iPad, Mac, and more.

You can sign up for the public beta at beta.apple.com.

Once you do so and follow the necessary instructions, your device will see the latest public beta update and be able to download and install it in Settings ⇾ General ⇾ Software Update.

iOS 17.6 is set to include a new feature for sports fans in the TV app: ‘Catch Up,’ which provides key highlights from a game so you can get up to speed on what’s happened when joining a game after it’s already started.

Otherwise, this update is focused on bug fixes, performance improvements, and security updates for the iPhone.

No new features have yet been discovered in Apple’s other current beta updates.

The public beta we’re all waiting for is the iOS 18 public beta, which Apple has said will release some time in July. Based on past years, however, it is expected to drop sooner in July rather than later.

Are you running iOS 17.6? Let us know in the comments about any changes you discover.

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